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Why Use WordPress For Websites?

“I can’t change content of my website”


“My webmaster isn.t available , i need my company address to be changed!! ”


“I don’t know html, i have messed up my webpage”

If you know someone who owns a small business or personal website, you will hear such cries a lot. After making a static html site, which has no editing or updation capibility, you have a hard time maintaining your website. Changes are needed occasionally and you have to pay webmaster for them every now and then. This causes you a lot of variable cost. What is the solution?

Using CMS for your website saves you from a lot of headache. You now have to pay the deveoper only once. The rest of the things are under your control. The cost of a CMS based website is obviously more than that of static webpage, but it doesn’t hurt since you have almost no variable cost involved in future.

There are many CMS available out there, but decision of choosing one of them is tricky. WordPress is a wonderful CMS for beginners. It is widely used because of its easy interface and installation. People with little programming knowlede are able to built websites with great interactive features using wordpress and its plugins.

I would list reasons why you should use wordpress as a CMS for your website

1-Quick and Easy Installation:
Installation part is the most scary part for a newbie. WordPress has a one click installation. A very few steps and you are done.

2-Editing and Adding Content
Editing and adding content to wordpress site is very simple. The text editor lets you format your text easily without knowing any html. Inserting pictures in your text is done without worrying about the path. WordPress takes care of it.

Adding new pages is a cumbersome task in a static HTML website while in wordpress, you just have to write the content for your new page and a page is created.

Adding new items to menu is simply drag and drop action.

There are hundreds of wordpress plugins that are free and available for download. There is a plugin for almost every funtionality you can think of. This has made it easy to integrate complex features for our site like payment integration, rating system, user hierarchy and others without even looking at the code.

4-Documentation and Community
The wordpress codex is a very detailed and well structured. The community is also very supportive. You can get quick help in every problem you face while working with your blog.

5-SEO Friendly
Wordpress has a lot of options that make it SEO friendly. The tags for each posts and custom permalinks make it a search engine friendly. You also have a lot plugins that can be installed to generate dynamic meta tags for each page. So tags on each page would define that page and not the site in general. I have used Platinum SEO, its very simple and a great plugin to use for beginners.

The list of reasons why you should use wordpress is very long, i have mentioned only a few. In my view, WordPress has revolutionized website development and has made it possible for absolute beginners to develop rich interactive websites.

Yumna Tatheer

Yamna Tatheer is a WordPress Plugin developer and a Top-Rated Upwork professional. She is a part-time blogger from Lahore and loves to write about wordpress and freelance industry.

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Yamna Tatheer is a Wordpress Plugin developer and a Top-Rated Upwork professional. She is a part-time blogger from Lahore and loves to write about wordpress and freelance industry.

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