Posting from site or posting from frontend is a popular trick for wordpress based websites. A lot of blogs and websites now allow their users to post through frontend. They do not want their users to see their backend. A page is provided at frontend where users will have only specific fields to submit their posts. The blog owner wants to provide only some fields and provide them in such a way that the user finds it easy to submit posts.

I personally don’t like frontend posting, since i feel its unnecessary. When you have a dashboard which displays options according to user role and you can customize the post editor page to have the fields that you want, why have a frontend post submit form? .

One reason why i think people would use frontend posting trick is, they want the design of post submit form to match the rest of the site layout. In case of using the dashboard, users will see the default white and blue wordpress dashboard which doesn’t seem to be very attractive.

I have written a simple plugin for frontend posting which can be used by using shortcodes in post editor which i will put up for download soon. The shortcodes can accept attributes such as category id the post should be submitted to and which fields to display in the form. Only a bit of time is needed to clean up the code.  Any questions on frontend posting ways and concerns is welcome.

Here are some good plugins for frontend posting

  1. wp-user-frontend
  2. Frontend Post and media manager
  3. Post From Site

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