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Boost Google Pagespeed Rank

Site Optimization is a major consideration these days. If your site loading speed is not fast, you are losing a lot of visitors hence ad revenues. So, website owners are pretty much concerned about speed now. We will try to answer the common questions website owners have about speed:

How to know the speed of my Website?

There are some utilities available on the internet for free, where you can just type in your url and test your speed. The ones I use are Google PageSpeed Insight and GTMetrix

Why is my website slow?

When you have tested your website loading speed, you might wonder what is making it slow. The best way to know this is to look at suggestions that is given by the two speed testing sites. They will tell you the problems you have that make you slow and what can be done to fix them.


My Website is slow, what to do?

Now its time to take corrective action. Both of the sites give you some valuable information about what can be done to improve speed. Normally, If you are using wordpress, your first consideration should be to install a good cache plugin (if you don’t reside on a cache enabled server like WpEngine). Secondly you should optimize your images and compress them so they load faster. For compressing images you can use any image compression plugins for wordpress like Wp Smush. There are number of other things you should do, but these two when done will improve your speed scores by some points instantly.

Which is the best speed optimization plugin for wordpress?

The cache plugin i would recommend for wordpress is W3 Total Cache , but new ones keep flooding the market all the time. On some servers like 1and1 shared hosting, the cache plugins won’t work. You will have to hire a programmer to write some php code for it. Remember, optimizing your website is worth it and you should always considered good/paid solutions for it if you want people to stay on your website and browse it.

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