WordPress has proven itself a popular and dependable Web publishing platform since its 2003 debut due to its ease of setup and use. The best thing about wordpress is its plug-ins. Once you are done with installing and setting up the basic blog, you can add plug-ins and enhance your website.

But plug-ins can also cause your website to slow down,so keep the number of plug-ins as small as possible. If you can do anything without a plug-in, don’t use a plug-in. Here i have listed few good plug-ins thatcan be very helpful for your blog.

W3  Total Cache

This plugin optimizes your blog and decreases the loading time of pages. It goes from the basic page caching (keeping a static copy of the page), to CSS/JS/HTML minification (making your files smaller), as well as handling uploads to a Content Delivery Network.

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SEO Friendly Images

Adding titles and Alt text to your images attracts google traffic for your blog.



Google XML Sitemaps

Create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your blog




Users who are not comfortable with phpmyadmin interface can use this plugin to clean up the database. It tells you which table needs to be optimized and shows those that are already optimized. Be sure to backup your database, before optimizing it.



Wp-Minify compresses the style sheets (CSS files) and javascript files used by blog themes & plugins and consolidates them into a single file. It removes unnecessary white spaces and comments from these files thereby reducing their size. The Minify engine then returns a consolidated, minified, and compressed script or style for WP Minify to reference in the WordPress header – thereby improving your page loading time drastically.

The author of wp-minify claims that he could compress his 138KB script files into just 33KB and that would mean that it takes only one fourth of the time to load (those compressed files) after optimizing. Of course, the other uncompressed files are still there. The plugin is so easy to setup and all that you need to do is to keep its cache directory as read-write-execute (chmod 777).


Tell us which are your favourite wordpress plugins ?

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