Developers its high time you should grasp the floor and get ready for the web design actions in 2012! In 2012, we see that smarter interfaces are coming up, and the interfaces are emerging in a new way.

A design is successful if it’s a responsive one. Most of the successful web designers follow this trend. As we see that smartphones are gradually occupying the whole market as well as the human minds, the number of mobile internet users is increasing day by day, so the main focus will be to make such designs through which the navigation will be facilitated on different screen sizes. This is actually the main theme behind the ‘responsive design’. How to get it? Make flexible layouts, insert flexible images!
Check as its example.


Flash has always been in and will still be in. Yes, flash is again here this time. If you intend to create an entertainment site, you do have to use flash.

Animations have been a part of web designs since the beginning. Animations of HTMLL5 and CSS3 have always been in picture, and have always been appreciated.
Animations- Attractive display with the lesser code lines. What more can you get?!



So with the start of 2012, we see that its going to really really artistic. You will get to see photographic backgrounds of websites. With the availability of Adobe or rather image optimizing tools, everything is just a click away!
With a dynamic and simply mind-blowing photograph as the background of a website, you’ll be attracted towards the website.



Fixed navigation was introduced just a while ago and it got a boost
So this trend is going to be here again!



Infographics is a very interesting trend that has been around for some time. Its like representing information in image form. A lot of innovative forms will emerge gradually.

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