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My name is Yumna, I am a computer science graduate and a php developer. I have been working on Elance with different clients since last few years, My work rating, satisfied clients and their comments can be seen at My Elance Profile .
I have worked in custom php projects, prestashop and  numerous wordpress projects. Designed, developed and customized wordpress themes. Worked with all top woo themes. Avada, Maxshop, Superstore, Canvas, Jupiter, uDesign are some of the themes i used and customized in child themes. Popular plugins i have worked with are Advanced Custom fields, Gravity Forms, aMember, Custompress. Developed numerous small custom plguins for clients. I have also worked with Googe Maps  & Google Places Api. I love writing small wordpress snippets for small plugins to enhance wordpress functionality  and love to share code snippets and customizations with people on my blog. Below are only few of my sample websites, which i am sharing:

WordPress Custom plugins, Add-ons and customizations.

Developed custom wordpress plugins for

-Enhancing wp search and make it search exact phrases and not sub strings.
-Front end posting for registered users.
-Custom Profile page on frontend.
-Registered users creating their own sub sites as sub-domains.
-Add-ons for woocommerce.
-Template customizations for woocommerce.
-Checkout and shop workflow customizations for woocommerce.
-Add-ons for Gravity Forms.
-Custom plugin to export all posts to excel and send to admin in email.
-Plugins based on wordpress cron to perform specific tasks at specific time.
-A plugin to take rss feed and convert it into wordpress posts. Also filters post content and add relevant tags to each post.

Reoprocorp – PHP Workflow application

Frontend built in wordpress, while backend is a custom php application. A user logs in to a a custom php application from login form. The application deals with estate agents submitting their BPO assignments by filling an html form which are reviewed by admin and other employees, accepted, rejected or paid. A site with heavy traffic and is optimized for fast loading. I and my team continuously provide support for bug fixing, database backups and adding new features for BPO forms.
Link: Reopro Website

AceSports – Ecommerce Website


An Ecommerce website under construction, based on woocommerce. Customized template and checkout.

Osanimu – Company Website

Implemented company website for Osanimu located in UK. It has portfolio, project and team members pages. It has the ability to modify all these content and pages at back end and also add new ones.

Ladansoltani – Blog and E-shop for Digital Downloads


Its a blog with static pages and an e-shop for digital downloads. It generates expire able encrypted links for downloads so a customer can download the video only once after paying.

GCL Learning Service – Responsive Layout

A responsive website, which is optimized for speed and all screen sizes and devices. Its plain html/css and jquery and optimized so that loads very quickly.

Link:GCL Website

Trade counter – Ecommerce Website


This is an eshop based on woocommerce, it allows users of different levels to register and see a different price according to their level.

Clinic Solutions – PHP Patient Management System

A webbased PHP application written in CI for clinic and patient management. It supports creating new clinics, adding staff members, adding admin members, case history, appointments etc. It totally mimmicks the behavior of http://multiclinic.co.uk/.

GlobalPublic – RSS to Post, User Submitted Posts etc

A news website based in wordpres, which take rss feed from top news websites and displays them as posts while avoiding duplicates and adding relavant country tags automatically but filtering content. Frontend posting and profile pages for users to submit their news to website.