Project Description

Developed custom wordpress plugins for

-Enhancing wp search and make it search exact phrases and not sub strings.
-Front end posting for registered users.
-Custom Profile page on frontend.
-Registered users creating their own sub sites as sub-domains.
-Add-ons for woocommerce.
-Template customizations for woocommerce.
-Checkout and shop workflow customizations for woocommerce.
-Add-ons for Gravity Forms.
-Custom plugin to export all posts to excel and send to admin in email.
-Plugins based on wordpress cron to perform specific tasks at specific time.
-A plugin to take rss feed and convert it into wordpress posts. Also filters post content and add relevant tags to each post.

Yumna Tatheer

I am a Computer Science graduate and a part time blogger from Lahore, Pakistan. I am a PHP programmer and a wordpress expert.

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