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where to buy priligy in dubai Our wordpress plugin Wp Mailing Group – ListServ can be used to email wordpress users from a group email. Its a unique Listserv plugin, it has a free version plus a fully loaded pro version.

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Mailing Groups

buy disulfiram online cheap – Public, Invitation-only and Private group settings
– Multiple mailing lists possible on a single WordPress site (*)

Member Administration

– Add members from WordPress User list
– Import members from external .CSV file
– Import members from external .VCF file (*)
– Double opt-in via email or direct member addition
– Customisable email messages to members
– Optional email alert to administrator when new member applications come in
– “Pause” status available for members who are inactive / on holiday / away

Emails & Message Handling

– Message moderation: by user or text (*)
– Prefix email subject lines with group name
– SMTP, WordPress Mail, and PHP Mail functions for email sending
– Archive feature with search functionality (*)
– Bouncing messages to any individual members are counted
– Individual membership paused after a set amount of message bounces

Website Implementation

– Shortcode for easy display for sign-up form
– Customisable CSS for sign-up form to match your website’s design
– Application for multiple mailing groups from one sign-up form (*)

Language versions

– English
– Spanish
– German

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