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1 07, 2017

WordPress Membership based sites – Membermouse Plugin

buy generic isotretinoin no prescription I recently used membermouse plugin for wordpress so I thought I will share my insights about it. This plugin provides a platform for membership based websites, subscriptions and a lot more. It has payment gateways integrated and also a test payment method which is very usefeul and can be used while development for test payments. Overall the plugin provides a lot of functionality and seems to be a very good fit for a membership subscription based website. On the other hand there are some shortcomings too. The plugin is a premium product so the company has hidden/encrypted a lot of code. This is a serious problem when you are trying to integrate it with existing system. Its not flexible and scale able. The product does have hooks for executing desired actions at certain points but they are quite few and are not much useful. The documentation is not comprehensive too. You also cannot find much troubleshoot information about it. Overall for me it wasn't a good experience because I had to extend it and integrate it with company's accounting system.

5 06, 2012


buy cytotec online made in america So Nintendo freaks, Nintendo is really here with a bang. The Electronic Entertainment Expo which is here from 5 June till 7 June shows a lot from Nintendo! On Tuesday, the company launched its Wii U- a video game console. Moreover, this console has come in combination with the GamePad ready to change the gaming world in a go! No doubt Nintendo is aimed at changing the usual gaming style these days. According to Nintendo, Wii U is pretty much different from those which are already on the current Wii. And that ‘it changes the way you enjoy TV ’. Nintendo has definitely showed that a little console can do wonders! It comes in white and black colour. The new controller allows the user to view multiple screens, one of them is on your TV and one of them is on your Wii U Gamepad. The company gave a demo of PikMin3 in which the Wii U Gamepad displayed a three-dimensional map. You can easily control the creatures in the game on the displayed map as these creatures move around

12 02, 2012

Review Samsung Galaxy

Budget Android phones have become very popular lately and Samsung Galaxy Y is the cheapest one in the market if you ignore the IDEOS handsets being offered by a couple of telecom providers. ProPakistani got its hands on a test unit and here’s what we make of it. Appearance: Samsung Galaxy Y is a small phone and fits into the hand snugly. It has a 3.0 inch screen and as with most touch phones of this size, it’s not for you if you have big hands. The back is plastic but certainly doesn’t look so and with the chrome rim, it gives the phone an expensive look. Samsung Galaxy Y has a candy bar design and has three buttons on the front. One is the physical home button and two are capacitive. There’s no ambient light sensor or front facing camera but a proximity sensor is provided. The left side of the Samsung Galaxy Y has the volume rocker and the right side of the phone has the power/sleep button. The top has the 3.5mm jack and the microUSB port.