9 07, 2012

Top HTML Form Generators

Schwandorf in Bayern I was trying to design a form, i came across a lot of form generators. Using these generators is an easy way to generate html for form. The markup might not be standard compliant, but for newbies, it makes form designing an easy task. Below are some form generators 1- pForm In pForm, you are provided with a form template in many colors. You can choose any color for template and then add fields in next screen. Link 2- Wufo Form Gallery Here you have a lot of templates for example, employment application, event calendar, wedding invitation, mailing lists etc. Link 3- Zoho Creator At zoho creator you have multiple templates like event planner, customer feedback etc. Its a drag and drop interface , very easy to use. Link 4- Free HTML Form Generator This is a downloadable file which can be put on webserver or locally, it generates the html for the form you require. You can put it up on your server too, since its free and open source. It can be a good attraction for people trying to generate

3 06, 2012

HTML Doctype Declaration – HTML 5 Doctype

buy cheap priligy online What is a DocType? The doctype declaration should be the first item to appear in the source markup of any web page. It is an instruction to the web browser (or other user agent) and it identifies the version of the markup language in which the page is written. It refers to a known Document Type Definition, or DTD for short. The DTD sets out the rules for that of markup, enabling the browser to render the content accordingly. Why a DocType? Per HTML and XHTML standards, a DOCTYPE (short for “document type declaration”) informs the validator which version of (X)HTML you’re using, and must appear at the very top of every web page. DOCTYPEs are a key component of compliant web pages: your markup and CSS won’t validate without them. DOCTYPES are also essential to the proper rendering and functioning of web documents in compliant browsers like Mozilla, IE5/Mac, and IE6/Win. A recent DOCTYPE that includes a full URI (a complete web address) tells these browsers to render your page in standards–compliant mode, treating your (X)HTML, CSS, and DOM