25 06, 2020

Myob Integration With Woocommerce

Its Every business owner wants to concentrate on business development. We have helped our clients achieve this by integrating their accounting system MYOB with Woocommerce. Woocommerce also has an addon for MYOB but its quite basic with minimal options. We provide out-of-box services and can do any custom integration that is needed. For a client of ours, we updated prices and quantities of products from MYOB to Woocommerce. This means that they only had to deal with MYOB and update things there, woocommerce updates were taken care of by the custom myob plugin. This reduced their work load many times.  We also went ahead and created an open invoice for every customer when an order was placed. When the order was dispatched our custom  plugin checked the order/invoice status from MYOB and updated the order status in Woocommerce. This was everything was in sync. What integration are you looking for? Let us know in comments.

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