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Yamna Tatheer is a Wordpress Plugin developer and a Top-Rated Upwork professional. She is a part-time blogger from Lahore and loves to write about wordpress and freelance industry.
25 04, 2012

What People Search on Your blog

A wonderful trick is to find out what people look for on you blog. A good content is not one which is full of keywords, it is what users actually want. In order to promote your blog, look for the overall search trends. Find out what people are interested in these days related to your blog's topic. You can also keep an eye on what people are liking on your blog and what they are searching for. This can be done by installing a good plugin called "Search Meter". This plugin show you a search dashboard in your wp backend showing the search on site for yesterdy, today and  last week. Install this plugin and analyze the search behaviour of visitors. Get more info from Plugin's homepage.    

23 04, 2012

How to Remove 404 Error from Google Index

We all have experienced errors like "Sorry. 404 page not found " if the resource on that url has been moved.  These 404s errors will go away by themself generally after a week or so, but if your domain has too many 404 Errors floating around in the search engines a few things may happen: 1.Your site’s reputation may be hurt. 2.Your site’s rankings may suffer. 3.Your site may be penalized. 4.Your site may be banned from the index. As you see, a 404-Error page is a killer of SEO campaigns (404-Errors should not be confused with “server not found” or similar errors, in which a connection to the destination server could not be made at all). Somtimes if a page is not removed from following the above steps then it might not be a 404 truly. To test if a page is a true 404 use this tool   Here are steps that can be followed to remove 404. Step #1: Set Up In Google Webmaster Tools To start the process, make sure you’re site is being tracked in

21 04, 2012

How to add featured Image Support.

Lets talk about another wordpress trick. Have you ever opened your post editor and found there is no featured image box in it? A lot will say "yes" The reason being that wordpress requires you to add theme support for thumbnails manually through your functions.php or some plug-in. Adding the support manually is very simple. Open the functions.php file which lies in your active theme's folder and paste this code. Adding theme support for all post types. add_theme_support('post-thumbnails'); Adding support only for pages. add_theme_support(array('page')); Adding Thumbnail Sizes You can add an option so that all thumbnails have an exact size and will be cropped to that size without keeping the aspect ratio of the image by setting a size and setting the third crop parameter to be true, as shown below set_post_thumbnail_size(150,150,true); For using the thumbnail in theme, there are three functions. has_post_thumbnail() returns ‘true’ if a thumbnail has been set the_post_thumbnail() echos a string containing the thumbnail < img alt="" / > tag get_the_post_thumbnail() returns a string containing the thumbnail < img alt="" /> tag Read more about thumnail on this

28 12, 2016

Highlight Search Term in Search Results

Using wordpress native search, you can use this trick to highlight the search term in the title in the search results. This can be done by tokeinizing the title and then assigning a css class to the search word. This css class can be styled with background color to highlight the search word. Use this code in funtions.php if(!empty($getvars[s])){ $title = get_the_title(); $keys= explode(" ",$s); $title = preg_replace('/('.implode('|', $keys) .')/iu', '<strong class="search-excerpt">\0</strong>', $title); } //To display the title use echo $title; //instead of the_title(); Last but not the least, paste this in your style.css .search-excerpt{ background-color:#ffff00; } You can also use this plugin to achieve the same funtionality without writing any code yourself. Hope you like this wordpress snippet :)

20 04, 2012

Pronto – Portfolio theme

A clean and minimal portfolio theme by wpexplorer.com . It has a grid layout, post-based theme, no custom-post, threaded comment supoort and author pages. Download Preview

18 04, 2012

Use a Default Theme Background for WordPress Theme Options

You can add theme support for background image. If user does not choose an image, a default image will be set as theme background image. Use this code in functions.php add_theme_support( 'custom-background', array( 'default-image' => get_template_directory_uri() . '/images/default-background.png', ) );

18 04, 2012


Beautiful WordPress theme designed by themeforest. Switchable layout, support for background and menus, inventory manager and much more.(premium) Preview  Info

16 04, 2012

Wp e-buy Ecommerce

An ecommerce theme which is professionaly designed, SEO optimized and great for an online shop. Download  Preview

16 04, 2012

World Business Sillhoute

Designed by LeadCamp Inc. Blue theme ideal for company website. Download    Preview

16 04, 2012

Sunrise Over Hills

Design by Neat Colorful Design, two Columns with Right Sidebar. Download  Preview